Schnauzers with babies


If the dogs were grown up in a family and all of the sudden the family is expecting a baby, what will their reactions be towards the newborn human being? The dogs were the only children in the house?

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Dec 30, 2016
Dog Introduction New Baby
by: Anonymous

I saw this on a Cesar Milan programme. When mum goes into hospital to have the baby have husband or relative bring home something that has been around the baby to show your dog, to let your dog smell to get him used to the smell so that it is not all new. Keep doing this until baby comes home and then gradually introduce the baby and reward your dog with affection whilst doing so. This gives a clear message to the dog that we have another member of the family and you are not being pushed out. Take the dog out when you go for walks with the baby. This is something else the dog enjoys and it will help him to bond with the baby if good things happen while he/she is around the baby. I hope this helps.

Dec 27, 2016
by: Linda and Max

Sometimes dogs can feel jealous towards a new arrival, particularly if they get far less attention than they used to and the baby suddenly gets all the attention.
However, schnauzers are not normally aggressive dogs
Try and continue to give your dogs attention and exercise.
And remember NO dog should ever be left alone with a small baby, not even a friendly schnauzer.

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