Schnauzer wouldn't come back in house for 2 days - why?

by regina
(lexinton Tn usa)

My dog was taken from someone who had abused her. I i took her in, loving her at first it, but it took a little time for her to come to me. But she warmed up.
Now the last few weeks, she is shaky she won't come to me any more she was trained to go out but is no longer doing that, she stays hidden and growls at anyone who gets close to her.
I let her out one day she wouldnt come in for two day and I had to run after her to get her.
How can I help her what is going on with her?
What should I do? Please help

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Feb 18, 2012
Won't come inside..
by: Michele

All Betsy says is what I would say.. being abused before you took her on has obviously traumatised her.. so maybe she was thrown outside when she did wrong.. too frightened to come back in.. in case she was abused again and again.. The vet will help you so get her there and I'm sure that once she has overcome her fear she'll be the loving girl you want her to be..

Feb 18, 2012
Could be something in your house
by: Betsy, alpharetta, ga

What is she like when she is outdoors? Still shaking?

If the answer is no, I'd look for something in the house that is causing the problem. For example, our Spiffy is petrified of flying insects. We believe she was probably bitten by a wasp or something at some point. She sometimes will be sitting with me on our sunporch (where a bee or fly will sometimes find its way in) and all of a sudden jump down and run inside to a dark corner. Where she will sit and shake.
Something in her past (she is adopted) also has caused her to be very frightened of loud banging noises. Durning spring, each morning a woodpecker pecks away at our copper flashing around the chimney. This terrifies her. We have learned to just let her go to one of her protective places and when the noise stops, she becomes her happy self.

So, first, I'd try to locate a source problem. Maybe a high pitched noise from an appliance?

If I couldn't find one, I think I'd consider getting a vet to check her. Then go from there.

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