Schnauzer stops on walks

by Keith

I have a seven year old miniature Schnauzer when walking he stops and will not move for a time I have been to the vets had a number of test on Reggie but the vet has no idea what the problem is has anyone experience this with there Schnauzer.

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Oct 31, 2016
Sudden stops
by: Roger's mum

My rescue Schnauzer often stops suddenly in areas where other very barky dogs live & we have to cross the road. We have got used to his funny ways, he is a bit nervy & digs his heels in. On one occasion he was nipped at by a dog who escaped his owners house & he will not walk past that house either. Strangely our other schnauzer Ted does not mind where & when he walks.

Max is a bit the same, it is timidity.

Aug 27, 2016
Stopping on Walks
by: Anonymous

I had this with a rescue dog, with her it was acute anxiety but a little tip (Cesar Milan Tip). Try "wheelbarrowing" him. Pick up his back legs so that he has to walk forwards. This usually breaks the moment and usually they will carry on walking. Do this a few times and hopefully it will do the trick.

Note from Linda and Max
Very interesting, thank you for the tip.

Aug 26, 2016
by: Linda and Max

If it is not physical, it must be behavioural. Minis have all sorts of little idiosyncrasies.
Max does this occasionally and I give him the stern Come command and he his own pace.
They can be stubborn.
Try tempting him with a treat, I am sure this will speed him up. I am presuming it is not at the same place he stops, as this could be fear of something.
Good luck.

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