Schnauzer started growling when picked up

by Emily Giron
(El Paso, Texas)

I have an 8 month old schnauzer. She is sweet and friendly, to both people and other dogs.
However, she recently began growling a low, gutteral growl whenever we were going to pick her up. This has happened only when she has been lounging or tired.
I realize she probably does not want to be picked up and she is giving us a signal but I don't want her to get into the habit of growling just because I don't want it to lead to something more.
Please advise.

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Jun 01, 2023
by: Anonymous

My schnauzer is 6. He still does what I like to call his "goblin noise" 😂 he does this while playing mostly but it’s not from anger and he’s not aggressive either. He is very well trained and doesn’t bite. It may simply be that your dog is vocal in the same way. If nothing internal is happening I would just suggest that you just don’t pick him up. I’m the only person that my dog lets pick him up and he growls at anyone else that tries to 🤷🏼‍♀️

NOTE FROM LINDA: Good advice :)

Jul 27, 2013
Giant schnauzers love to growl!
by: Andy's Mom

I have a Giant who is 2 now, from about 12 months to 22 months, Andy loved growling. He would be playing and growl, sleeping on his back and growl, giving kisses and 20 seconds later growl. My groomer and vet talk about how vocal the other Schnauzers they see are.....but, having an 80 pound growling dog can be a little scary, so we started correcting him, mainly telling him "no growl" and then making him sit or lay.
You have to be top dog with a Schnauzer, at least with a giant you do, they will walk all over you if you aren't...oh, and then they will growl about it.

You're absolutely right. Well done!!

Sep 27, 2012
by: Anonymous

might want to get her checked out for

kidney problems when you pick her up it

might be bothering her/ just a suggestion

Sep 27, 2012
Low growling
by: Michele

My advice to you is not to pick her up when she is resting in humans .. Would you like to be disturbed
when you were resting. Just be patient and associate
your love and cuddles with treats. and wait till
she's ready to play, then pick her up at the same time
as rewarding her. Being a pup she will be ok

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