Schnauzer skin problems - help!

by Donny
(Algona Iowa)

We have a Schnauzer that we have been taking to the Vet for 6 to 8 months..He has been having problems with his skin and is constantly trying to itch himself with his back feet.He also is licking his feet and the floor alot.He is very irriatated.If you rub him wrong he lays down because it irrritates him.
The vet has tried numerous medications and change his diet to better food to no avail.He is 12 years old and don't like to see him suffer.Any other ideas out there?

HI Donny,
There is some info on our page on this subject:
Also, if you look under the FAQs here you will find some questions and answers on Schnauzer skin problems.
In short, these are options we have tried ourselves for seasonal allergies:
medicated shampoo, Atopica (non-steroid from your vet), Piriton (hay fever tablets) - all have worked for a period of time. Max is currently on Piriton every spring and summer and it has worked for him for the last couple of years for seasonal allergies. Other readers have other suggestions, including diet and other prepsrastionsd. Certainly fish oil with Omega 3 in the diet every day helps - Max is on Yumega.
Best wishes,
Linda and Max

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Jun 04, 2014
no corn
by: Anonymous

add to the suggestions already given to make sure the food has no corn. It seems all schnauzers have skin problems from corn in the diet. We make sure the ingredients on the dog food we buy does not contain corn.

Mar 09, 2013
by: Anonymous

You can get from the vet coated shampoo vet only will sort out

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