schnauzer puppy tail

by michelle

Can my 12 week puppy get his tail docked off and how much will it cost?

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Dec 31, 2012
Natural is best
by: Anonymous

I agree I have the most wonderful mini schnauzer with a tail and natural ears!!!
I am so happy he never had to undergo amputation for what humans think is more appealing. Ugh!!!

Mar 06, 2012
Docking puppy's tail
by: Michele

At 12 weeks.. NO, NO, NO, and why on earth would you want to.. his TAIL is his MESSAGE, and without one he cannot express his feelings.. to see a puppy wagging his tail gives the message that he is happy..... anyway in the UK it is ILLEGAL and anyone, either a vet or other, can and will go to prison.. in the UK .. ONLY working dogs.. spaniels.. are legally allowed.. if your breeder would have wanted tail docking in the litter it would have been done at birth, before the puppies eyes were open.. now at 12 weeks it is far too late and will cause pain and trauma to your puppy... surely you do not want that .. if you love him..

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