Schnauzer Puppies

by Mr. Norman Tucker

My Schnauzer recently had three pups, one of which is white in color. I was wondering what is a good asking price for this pup. I have no papers on the mother or father, but am curious as to what they sell for?

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Mar 22, 2010
Asking Price...
by: Elizabeth

I wanted to comment on your question and perhaps tell you a bit about how many, many breeder, etc. conduct their "business" in the United States when it comes to pricing. Believe it or not, I myself have only seen personally 2 white schnauzers, very beautiful animals. I would'nt exactly call them "rare" but perhaps not seen as often as the "primary colors". I think that ppl (esp. here) use this "rare" title on the dogs and try to hike up the price. I've seen it too many times, same goes for the "designer" schnauzers, (IE. Parti colored, etc.). I don't believe any dog is better or worse than any other simply due to color. That's my opinion. That being said, here in the US I've seen prices as high as $3,000 + and that is ridiculous! I realize the pedigree, breeding, etc. but dogs simply want to be loved and be loved in a good, loving forever home. Too many ppl, esp. in today's economy, can not afford these prices. I'm not sure how to convert the US money to the British pound but it is about as much as a standard car here (for a Schnauzer), in many areas.

Jun 07, 2009
Price of White Schnauzer Puppies
by: Linda and Max

Hello Norman,

White Schnauzer puppies are much rarer here in the UK than in the USA, where they are very popular.

I am presuming that you are in the UK - Norman Tucker sounds like a good British name!

A white Miniature Schnauzer puppy with KC papers can fetch as much as £1,000. Without papers, the puppy will obviously sell for less, but will still fetch a premium price due to the rarity factor.

Of course, the main consideration when selling any pup, as I'm sure you will agree, is making sure that the Schnauzer puppy goes to a good, l home.

So we wish you the Best of British in finding suitable loving homes for all 3 of your Schnauzer puppies.

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