Schnauzer peeing on the rug - why?

by Michael

I have a two year old Schnauzer that still pees on the rug. I take her out 10 times a day but she still
will pee on the rug.
Whu is this?

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Jan 25, 2012
Could be a # of things
by: Anonymous

#1. Is she home alone all day? She could be lashing out and just needs to be crated during the hours you're away. #2. Is she getting enough time to relieve herself and getting exercise? She may just need to spend more time outside and go for a good walk... OR #3. Is she spayed??? AND if all else fails visit the vet clinic!!
Good Luck hopes it's better!

Jan 18, 2012
Peeing on rug !!
by: Michele

This is very naughty .. as Schnauzers are very clean.. Do you scold her, or shout at her.. she maybe of a nervous disposition.. or if she was a rescue there may have been some trauma in her previous life that upset her.. Does she drink a lot ? I suggest you take her to the vet and have her kidneys tested as she may have an infection, or even a chill, as this sometimes makes them wee...tell your vet what she is doing.. and most of all Get A New Rug.. & throw the smelly one in the bin...because their sense of smell is very strong so she will go back and back to your rug. Do NOT scold her or shout at her as there may be something wrong..

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