schnauzer licking paws

My 8 year old miniature schnauzer is licking her paws and smacking her lips a lot - especially during the night. It drives me crazy. What causes this?

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Apr 21, 2016
Licking Paws & licking the air!
by: CC

Our Schnoodle dog did this. He seemed so uncomfortable. We finally figured out through trial and error that he has food allergies( wheat, corn, chicken and beef)Currently we feed him lamb as his main protein, but there is also salmon, duck, kangaroo. An allergic dog could become allergic to the new protein,, then its time to change to another one. He also has sensitive skin, so we wash him with hypo allergenic shampoo. Good luck to your schnauzer.There is hope....just read ingredients carefully and you will good night's sleep very soon.

Nov 19, 2015
a number of reasons
by: Linda and Max

There could be a number of reasons, it could be because she has allergies and her paws are itching. If it continues, we'd get her checked out.

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