Schnauzer Handbook launches tomorrow

by Linda and Max

Hello to all you fellow schnauzer lovers.
Just to let you know that finally, after months of work, we are finally ready to launch the Schnauzer Handbook!
With over 250 pages and more than 300 photographs and graphics all about Miniature, Standard and Giant Schnauzers, there really is no other book like it.
Max and I are really pleased with the result (I couldn't have done it without him) and proud of the achievement of having produced such, in our opinion, a worthwhile book which is packed full of information on the three breeds.
Whether you've just got a Schnauzer, you're thinking of getting one or you've been the proud owner of these wonderful dogs for years, there is something for everyone in this book - plus a free gift of the Ten True Schnauzer Stories booklet.

Do You Want to Know:
How to pick the right puppy for you and your family?
Which Schnauzer will best fit in with your daily lifestyle?
How much and how often to feed your Schnauzer?
Just how suitable a Schnauzer is for allergy sufferers?
Why your Miniature Schnauzer is scratching - and how to stop it?
How to spot a healthy dog?
How much exercise your Schnauzer needs?
What to do when you first bring a new puppy home?
Where to find a rescue Schnauzer?
How long you can leave your Schnauzer alone for?
What the first signs of illness are?
How to start simple training techniques with your dog?
How often to bathe and groom him - or her?
Why your Schnauzer's coat is changing color?
The typical temperaments of the three different types of Schnauzer?
Whether to spay or neuter and what effect it will have?

The answers to these and dozens of other questions, including large sections on puppies and Schnauzer health and ailments, are all are at your fingertips in the new Schnauzer Handbook.

The book is only available online as an ebook and costs £11.50 in British pounds. This is approximately US$17.97 or 14.37 Euros.
Tomorrow we'll send you the full details.

Thanks for reading and Schnauzerly wishes from Linda and Max

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Jun 21, 2012
Schnauzer Handbook
by: Michele

Congratulations.. Linda and Max .. having read this wonderful book, on everything you want to know about Schnauzers, I hope that some of the people who post and who have problems with their beloved pets refer to the Health Pages, and I am sure that they will save themselves a very expensive trip to their vet.. How did you like the photos I posted of Benji .. now he's with Rebel, Rambo & me..he is learning very fast and already asks to go outside, by just coming to me after he has had a sleep, and looks up at me as if to say... I want to pipi .. and he's only just 9 weeks yesterday... Thanks again for all your efforts and the photos you have added in the Schnauzer Handbook.. Rambo & Rebel look great..

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