schnauzer gobbling food - is this OK?

by rodney
(upper sandusky ohio)

my 8 yr old female mini schnauzer eats like it is

her last meal. She has done this over the past

3 years. I feed her dry kibble. I got a bowl that

looks like a grapefruit presser but that dont make

any difference. I wet her food down and still

she gobbles it down and more like she just
swallows it and not chew it up.

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Dec 01, 2013
Answer = Wobbler
by: Anonymous

Put his food into a Kong Wobbler for every meal.

Apr 22, 2012
Try this!
by: Anonymous

To help your dog slow down and for you to bond more with your dog, feed your dog by hand, one or two pieces at a time.

Your dog will certainly slow down and it gives you a chance to talk to and praise your dog.

Or, turn mealtime into doing tricks and rewarding time.
Ask your dog to do a trick and praise it and give it a piece of it's dry food.

I've learned it's a great thing to do and me dog loves it.
It's a good bonding time. :-)

Mar 09, 2012
Mine does the same
by: BB

My schnauzer eats like it is his last meal too.
I try to stay near his bowl when he is eating so he doesn't hink i'm leaving him to go for a walk or he eats his food even faster.
He gets loads of exercise and is not fat. I think he is just hungry.
The only think you have to watch out for is bloat, which can be deadly, when they eat too fast, but it is mostly lbig dogs that get this, not mini schnauzers.
Our has had no problem - except that he leaves a big mess on the floor coz he has gravy with his dried kibble!

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