Schnauzer crying

I have got a 14 week old puppy and whenever i take him out for a walk he barks at everything and everyone but if somebody comes up to him he cries and cowers away.
How can i stop him from doing this.

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Sep 12, 2011
tently become acquainted
by: Anonymous

I seems to me that you puppy may be scared and warning people away. When they do approach, he may figure that the barking didn't work and now is so scared he begins to cry. I'd ask each person for their help in training you dog. As they approach, ask them to pause a moment. Then,just tell them the
situation and ask that they help you teach your dog to not fear strangers. Ask them to very quietly and gently hold out their hand so you puppy can smell it. Then after a minute, gently speak to the dog and give it a nice pat.
See if that helps,

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