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by Yvonne

Hello, We bought a black schnauzer puppy last year. After a few months he now has a noticeable red hue to his beard and skirt. I don't believe it is staining because he also has it on his skirt.We had a black Schnauzer for 14 years and she never had that coloring. I believe the breeder was dishonest. They had a Facebook website that I had been following with great reviews and pictures. She was selling for a family out of state. just wondering if anyone would know the reason for his color? I don't know if he would be a full breed but he definitely looks like Schnauzer.
Any insight would be appreciated.

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Oct 15, 2018
Red tones on a black Schnauzer
by: Linda

We have never heard of this. Alarm bells started ringing when you said she had a lovely Facebook page and the family was out of state. It sounds like she could have been a puppy broker, or at least somebody selling pups for profit.

As you say, if it was around the mouth or eyes, it could be saliva or tear staining, but with it being on the skirt as well, it is unusual.
It may be that it will disappear as he gets his full adult coat -or it could be that he has a bit of another breed in him.
Either way, I am sure you will love him -and if he is healthy, that is the main thing.

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