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Calendar Trivia
September 2, 1752, was a great day in the history of sleep. On that Wednesday evening, millions of British subjects in England and the colonies went peacefully to sleep. They did not wake up until 12 days later!!

Behind this feat was not some miraculous sleeping drug. Instead, it was the British Calendar Act of 1751, which declared the day after Wednesday the 2nd September 1752 to be Thursday the 14th!

Before that evening, the official British calendar differed from that of continental Europe by 11 days. So September 2nd in London was September 13th in Paris, Lisbon, and Berlin. The difference was caused by Britain's continued use of the Julian Calendar, since its invention by Julius Caesar in 45 BC.

This only differed from the Solar Calendar by 11.5 minutes a year, but after many centuries it amounted to 11 days. We now all use the Gregorian Calendar introduced by Pope Gregory XIII in the 16th century.

The Gregorian calendar year differs from the solar year by only 26 seconds—accurate enough for most mortals, since this only adds up to one day's difference every 3,323 years.
PS We have altered our Schnauzer Calendars to take account of this.....!

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