Schnauzer Breathing - Allergies??? from new Schnauzer Mom

by Jeri-Ann
(New Braunfels, TX.)

Hi There!!

I just adopted and rescued a Schnauzer/Terrier Mix. Being a first time Schnauzer owner, I have a question.

Do they have a history or trouble with Breathing? Last night around 11:00pm he woke me up. Scared me to death, he sounded like he had something in his nose and was trying to get it out, or was having trouble breathing.

Then after that, he did not do it again. Went the whole day, played, ran, eat, barked, all normal Fur Baby things, till this evening, when he did it again. It was not as long this time, so I am wondering?
Breathing, Allergies, Dust? (He just did it now, as I am typing this...while he was sleeping, I do not think he even knows he does it.)

Lastly, he just had surgery to fix Him. Could the anesthesia have been too much for him?

Thank you so much in advance, for looking at my question and possible answering it!


Scamp's Mom.... Jeri-Ann Hoffman


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