schnauzer beards

by Jenny
(London, England)

I would like to know the answer to one of your questions on this page.

When will my 6-month-old Miniature Schnauzer Rory grow a beard? I thought he would have had one by now, but he hasn't got a schnauzer beard yet. He has got lots of whiskers on his face, but no beard.

I've seen some of the lovely pictures on your website of schnauzers with really long beards.
Are there some schnauzers that don't grow beards or do they all get them?

Yours hopefully,


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Apr 26, 2017
Female schnauzers beard
by: Anonymous

My female schnauzers is 2 years 3 months old, but no beard....Will she ever grow one?
Note from Linda and Max....yes, probably!
Some Schnauzers have small beards, Max's beard did not grow until he was two or three years old.

Sep 27, 2012
no beard and tall ears
by: Anonymous

Our nine month old AKC miniature schnauzer is sixteen inches tall, has ears like a jack rabbit, and fuzz instead of a beard. I really do not mind his size or ears, but pray his beard eventually grows in, for what is a schnauzer without a beard?

Feb 17, 2010
clean mug
by: Anonymous

I bought from pet works puppy wipes used for in between grooming I wipe him after each meal or when he goes outside and gets down and dirty my boy is white so I need to keep him clean!

Feb 20, 2009
schnauzer beards - keeping them clean
by: Maria

As far as I know all schnauzers have beards.
We also wondered about our Miniature Schnauzer puppy becauee his beard didn't grow properly until he was 18 months or even older. It wasn't until he was about 2 years old that suddenly we realized he had a proper Schnauzer beard.
I suppose they are like humans, some boys get a fuzz on their chins when they are 14 or 15 and others don't start shaving until they are in their 20's.
Anyway, don't worry, I'm sure it will come in time. your only problem then is how to keep it clean! Has anybody got any tips on this?

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