schnauzer barking and growling at little children

by carol
(Epsom, Surrey, UK)

What can I do? My 22-month-old Schnauzer barks and growls at little children if I show any attention. He will also sometimes run up and bark at them in the park.
We don't have any little ones at home now but I am worried if friends come to visit!

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May 28, 2012
Barking & Growling @ little children
by: Michele

Your Schnauzer is only 22 months but to correct his behaviour, I suggest you go to your Pet Shop and buy something that Stops.. BARKING, CHASING, STEALING & JUMPING UP.. called " PET CORRECTOR " It makes a Whooshing noise when you spray it as it's filled with AIR... I use it when my boy REBEL barks at other dogs, as he never barks at children.. little or otherwise. As soon as I spray, but never at my dog, always away from him, he's quiet.. and now I carry the can with me when we go to public places.. Now when Rebel sees the can he's quiet, so I sometimes don't use it, just show it to him. Better than yanking him and shouting at him..but when he does behave .. give him a treat and tell him he is a Good Boy...He will associate that not barking and getting treats for not is good and will learn.The price for the small can is £6.99p and I think £9.99p for the 200ml size... Good Luck, and let's know how you get on.. this DOES WORK..

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