Schnauzer Tshirts

from Vincent Strangio

Look no further for Schnauzer Tshirts if it's quality you want! We have searched all over the world and found these beauties from Vincent Strangio.

They are the absolute BEST photographs of Schnauzers (and other dog breeds) on Tshirts you'll find ANYWHERE. Vincent takes all the photographs himself and uses a state-of-the-art printing system for these Schnauzer Tshirts. They do NOT peel, fade or crack.

He ships internationally, but if you're outside the USA it will cost you about US$12 air mail. If you buy a couple of items it's well worth it - you'll find no other Schnauzer Tshirts as good as these. (We've asked Vincent to add a Mini Schnauzer with uncroppped ears and he will as soon as he finds a suitable one.)

3 more bonuses: they also make custom Tshirts with a picture of your own dog on, there's a 100% money-back guarantee and THERE's A SALE ON......what are you waiting for?!PopShops™ affiliate storesPS I'm planning on getting one with Max's photo on...he'd love that!

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