by Paul

We have three schnauzers. Out two year old plays this game about eating. He won't eat with the other two. I call it Riley's corner its by our front door. He does this circle lap around his plate of canned food and green beans three times. He actually will look too see if his brother and sister are still eating or not!! Once he knows they have eaten their food then he eats. But he has to eat before 6am and 6pm. If its past this time he wont eat. We have dry food out all day. We play this game called kibbles we lay a pile of food down in front of Riley and he eats this. But it has to be said upon Riley do you want your kibbles. Besides that he is healthy no issues. We have taken Riley to the vet. Was told wild coyotes do not eat every day. Its okay if your dog misses a meal. But still. Out Riley is one stubborn dog about his food. Yes he rules the house

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Jun 01, 2018
Riley's behaviour
by: Linda

Mini Schnauzers are not laid back dogs and sometimes they can develop little neuroses. It sounds like Riley has one with food. But what from what you have said, you understand it perfectly well and Riley is healthy.
He will either continue doing it or start to be a little less "precious" about his food.
Max went through a phase of going and hiding behind bushes in the garden and trembling. We think he did it when there were other people were around and he was no longer the centre of attention. The vet said it was behavioural and he stopped doing it after a few months.
Sounds like you manage Riley's eating habits very well.... well done!

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