10 month old schnozzle is wild! He growls, grovels, barks, and puts his mouth on my partner's feet or shoes when I leave the room...going to bed, work, etc. Can leave him in the yard running, pacing, and playing for hours and when he comes-in he may poop on floor. Help!!!

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Aug 03, 2020
by: Linda

Hi Rick,
It sounds like a severe lack of training!
How long do you spend training him every day?
Both Schnauzers and Poodles can be willful and very naughty and disobedient if they are not taught the rules of the household.
Sadly, there is no quick fix :-(

I recommend doing several 5-minute training sessions with your Schnoodle several times a day.
You can start by removing yourself or the dog from the room for a few minutes every time he is naughty. NO ATTENTION is good, Schnoodles love attention - and telling your dog off is a form of attention.
Also use the NO! or ACK! word sharply when he does something you don't like, then remove you or himso he's on his own.
If you put the time in now he is an unruly adolescent, it will be worth it when you have a well-behaved adult dog.
Good luck!

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