Rescue Schnauzer barking

by Roger
(Surrey )

Good afternoon.Thanks to the ‘Max the Schnauzer’ website I was contacted last Tuesday about a 4 year old rescue and got him’ on Thursday.
I wanted to get some tips because unlike my last Schnauzer who was very laid back even when he first arrived this new one seems very anxious and as soon as we go out he barks the place down.
I have only been doing it in short bursts to see how he is and I am not sure if it’s because he is just getting used to us or if he has separation anxiety and missing his last owners.
Any tips or ideas would be much appreciated.
He is 4 and a lovely gentle soul.
As soon as one of us moves he follows us.
Kind regards Roger

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Jul 26, 2018
Schnauzer barking
by: Brian

Schnauzers do bark! We also rescued our 2nd schnauzer when he was four and he is now nearly 9. We had lots of problems with aggression - actually fear but it showed up as aggression and also barking and separation anxiety. For some time I really thought that we were not going to win. Experts were little help but our local Dogs Trust had a special training course for difficult dogs and it was great. Still can't bear to be out of my sight and still barks a lot. We've had rescue dogs before but always younger. I think that his age and background ( first year with his owner OK then a baby came and the 3 years of unhappiness/rehoming).
Good luck. I'd love to hear if/how you cure the barking.

Jul 25, 2018
rescue schnauzer
by: Linda

Hi Roger,
It sounds like your new Schnauzer definitely has separation anxiety issues and is nervous, probably lacking confidence, which is why he is barking so much.
There are a number of techniques and it is not going to happen overnight, but you gradually need to rebuild his confidence to make him more relaxed. You might find the Schnauzer Handbook useful as it has sections on Separation Anxiety and Schnauzers, it also has Speak and Shush to train your dog to speak and then be quiet on order:
The remedies are too detailed to go into here, so you might also want to consider a couple of sessions with a good dog behaviourist. Good luck!

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