/renew regular dog food eating after sudden loss of owner

by Aileen

Our 5 yr. old, pampered girl, is a laid-back, calm, loving friend, She was my daughter's "lifetime" buddy, inseparable, My daughter was notified she developed an extremely, rare, incurable cancer and passed away within two months. When she didn't return, the dog stopped eating, totally for almost 8 days, but drank water a lot. She searched endlessly for her partner and whined, quietly while looking. After several days of non-eating, bribery was tried with snacks, which worked but no dog food would be touched. We have tried mixing dog food with light snack bits, doesn't work well, just a very little at a time. She is a little livelier, loving especially to one or two people. However still avoids plain dog food totally but still drinks and goes walking with a few people. How long should this avoidance of dog food continue without problems for her and what can I do to help get past this loss? She is a very, loving, laid-back girl who is so gentle. Love her much.

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Aug 08, 2016
So sorry
by: Linda and Max

So terribly sorry to hear of your loss.
This may sound twee, but time is a great healer. Your dog is grieving the loss of her owner. Dogs are incredibly loyal and do experience very strong attachments.
You are doing everything right with her. Now she is eating a little and her appetite has returned a bit, I would feed her at specific times even if you are still feeding her comfort food, and then remove the food after about 20 minutes. Gradually mix a tiny bit of dog food in with her chicken or whatever you are feeding her, and slowly increase the percentage of dog food.
It may be that she will always want something tasty mixed in with her dog food and that is fine.
Take it slowly, distract her with nice walks and games and she will, at some point, return to being her old self.
Good luck.

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