Rebel & Rambo with their puppy friend..Lily

by Michele

We'll stay with Lily... in here !!

We'll stay with Lily... in here !!

I am getting Rebel and Rambo used to having a puppy around as my friend has a 5 month Bichon Frise.. so as you can see I have put them in the playpen, which is really a Travel Cot, but for £2.50p at my local Car Boot, it's ideal for my new mini-schnauzer.. Benji.. when he's outside as I cannot watch him all the time, so the three of them will get put in there, especially when I mow my grass... After all if it's a nice day he'll get used to the noise... but won't get into mischief..Rambo wasn't too chuffed, but didn't mind really !!. Rebel adores her and the pair of them have great fun ...chasing one another around.. be it in my garden or inside..

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