Rebel 1 and Ringo on " Look Out "

by Michele

On Look Out !!

On Look Out !!

This is to the lady who has a Jealous Schnauzer .. just to show her that I could do anything with my boys and still can with my Australian Silky and my new 3 year old Mini..
Rebel 2 (my other 2 have since passed away, both peacefully) so I'm posting 2 photos... one of Rebel 1 and Ringo on "Look Out" and the other of Ringo, Rambo & Rebel 2.. All my boys have been and are loved but not Spoilt Rotten.. well, maybe just a little !!
Also one of Rebel 2 & Rambo.. sitting for their photo-shoot !!
I hope to get another pup sometime in June so will show him off when I do..

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