Rambo.. administrating ear cream/drops

by Michele

Linda and Max.. Can you help, please..?
Rambo my 9 year Australian Silky has an infection in both ears, something which he has picked up from another dog on the park.. not mine..I noticed this as Rambo started shaking his head.. A trip to
my vet who has administrated the prescribed cream, Surolan .. we had to put a muzzle bandage on him, because Rambo was very feisty, moving his head very fast and trying to bite us... he did not like his ears being treated at all... now I have to put his drops inside his ears.. having done it this evening and Rambo was to say the least not happy, and tried to bite me.. I say tried, as I wore gardening gloves, as a precaution..
I need another pair of hands .. one to hold his head still and cuddle him, and one to administrate the drops.. !! Not possible as there is only me and I can't go to my vet every afternoon for a month... as this is when he sees him, and I hope the infection will have cleared...Have you or any others any suggestions?
Sedating him, by the way, is NOT an option, so please do not suggest it.

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Aug 21, 2012
Rambo .. giving ear drops...
by: Michele

Thanks.. but I have managed with Rambo.. I take him into the bedroom and close the door, so my other two cannot upset him, and gently put his little mesh muzzle on and then .. like you.. pin him down between my legs and hold his head then I quickly administer the drops.. in both ears .. I take the muzzle off and massage them so the liquid goes down, as that he doesn't object to.. I tell him he's a Good Boy and that it's his tea-time.. I get a kiss and a waggy tail.. until tomorrow when the whole process is repeated .. until the 17 September when he sees the vet.. he does not like the muzzle, but it protects me.. and it's only on whilst I'm treating him.. less than five minutes..

Aug 21, 2012
by: Anonymous

Hi there,
sounds like you are having a hard time with your Rambo. It is quite difficult getting the ear drops in, as I also have to do it myself. What I usually do is pin my schnauzer's body between my legs so he can't wriggle and then hold his ear with one hand and get the drops in with the other.
Admittedly not easy, but good luck!

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