puppy schnauzer eats rubber ball

Could you please tell me how to prevent this, she loves her balls etc and the other day, thought she was too quiet only to find her chewing a dog ball and she had taken out about 2 inches of rubber from it. I am not going to give any balls again apart from the KingKong as they are so robust.

She hasn't been sick.

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May 25, 2012
Puppy & her rubber ball
by: Michele

Being a " Dog Rubber Ball ", I wouldn't worry too much about this as she will be fine.. just keep an eye on her toilet as she will probably pass some of it, after all it would not be advertised as a... DOG RUBBER BALL... if it wasn't safe .. that's if you bought it from a Reputable Pet Store, and not some market stall or car boot !!.. Puppies will chew on anything, even electric cables given the chance.. Konks stuffed with treats are excellent or even those hard nylon bones.. my Rambo, who is now 9 yrs.( my Australian Silky ) has one and it is chocolate flavour from Wilko's.. you'd think he was chewing for treasure !!..Hope this solves you worry..and have fun with your puppy..

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