Puppy mom

by Mistie
(Wilburton Oklahoma )

We have a miniature schnauzer that is 2 years old. And is potty trained. Recently she has started using the bathroom on any item of clothing she sees laying in the floor and will jump in to the laundry basket and use the bathroom. Have you ever herd of this type of behavior?

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May 08, 2018
messing indoors
by: Linda

Not particularly, but often behaviour problems start at "the terrible twos" when minis (and other breeds) reach early adulthood and start pushing the boundaries.

We would suggest going back to basics with potty training, reward her with a treat for going to the bathroom outdoors and speak harshly to her IMMEDIATELY when you catch her making a mess indoors. Do not hit her, schnauzers are sensitive critters and this can have the opposite effect. She may become resistant to training or afraid of you.
It will take time and effort on your part. If you do it properly and it fails (which it shouldn't) then seek professional help.
Good luck!

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