People Offering Homes For Schnauzers

by Linda and Max

Well, we have had such a lot of people offering new homes for Schnauzers that we are going to have to add a new section to our website.
Unfortunately Max and I are really busy at the moment (Max has just had a new clip and is busy showing himself off around the neighbourhood).

So, in the meantime, we are including some of the emails from people here. Please check the areas - some are UK and some are North America - and contact the people directly if you know of a schnauzer looking for a new home.

We are sure that these offers are from genuine people who will love their Schnauzers, but taking on a new dog is a big responsibility and Max and I advise anyone re-homing a Schmauzer to check out the new home first.

We sincerely hope that some of these people witll be able to give loving homes and a new happiness to some Schnauzers who are down on their luck or who need a new home.

1. EAST SUSSEX, ENGLAND, UK: We are looking for a standard schnauzer. In fact, we are looking for 2 for 2 different homes. My mum and her friend were recently widowed and would like to take on a rescue dog as they both have the time and energy it takes for such a re-homing. Female preferred but both considered. Thank you,Fiona. Contact:

2. IOWA, USA My Giant Schnauzer Boudreaux was put to rest after 9 wonderful years. I am floating the idea of adopting a rescure Giant but have no idea where to start. I don't want to start all over with a puppy as I just turned 50. I live in Davenport, Iowa own my own fenced yard and walked Boudreaux at least every other day. We have his companions Elsie a Rat Terrier who misses him very much. Can you give me any insight how to look into this if I deceide to go any further. We also had a minature schnauzer "Poochie" that dies about 3 years ago. She was 14. I can certainly get references form my vet. Thank you for any assistance which you can provide.Scott Contact

3. AYLESBURY, ENGLAND,UK. Hello I have always kept a standard Schnauzer up until our last dog died nine years ago, And there has been a sadness in my heart ever since we lost sam. But now is the right time for a new dog minature or standard. He or She would be with me all of the time as with all the dogs I have had where ever I go they go weather to the shops or on holiday. We have a nice garden for a dog to play in and plenty of different places to walk. Unfotuatly I am a pensioner and not excactly rolling in money to pay the price some breeders ask.So if you could help me I would love to give a loving caring happy home to a Schnauzer..
Very Best Regards . John Contact

4. SHROPSHIRE, ENGLAND, UK: I would like to offer a home to a miniture schnauzer, either sex,between 2 and 4 yrs old, do not wish to breed, just to have a pet and companion, cost is irrelevant, but would agree to up to £400.
I have been let down by a breeder after waiting 6 mths for a 2yr old bitch..I'm heartbroken as am so dissapointed..
I'm at home, have no other pets,no children and a large enclosed garden..
I dog sit my friends schnauzer quite often as I miss not having a dog around, mine died aged 14 last summer..
The temperment and size of the mini suit me so well !!
Lynn. Contact

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