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Help! Our 8 month old male Schnauzer (intact but soon to be neutured) has always jumped at my feet (bare or with socks on) when I walk through the house. It has become worse and more agressive as he has gotten older. It is almost like he is trying to dominate and control where I am going. He has tripped me several times. Yet, he will go belly up for a tummy rub from me in a very submissive way. He is a talker (not barking....talking/chattery) but when attacking my feet he growls, talks, and lays teeth (not hard) on my feet. He pulls at my clothes, as well. It is like a switch flips and he becomes very aggressive at my feet like he wants to stop me from walking. I have tried loud noises (shaking can with nuts/bolts in it) to startle him.....and that worked short term. I have yelled "no" and "ehh" but he doesn't/won't stop. I have held him down in submissive hold....but, nothing. Jumps up and goes for my feet again! Why is he doing this? He minds me (sit, lay, stay, come) but is less obedient when walking outside. Pulls on the lead and is easily distracted. My husband had some of the same problems in the past but it has stopped for him....but the focus seems to be on me. As a younger pup he nipped and bit me many times and would draw blood. That has stopped ACCEPT for jumping, growling, and biting at my feet. HELP! I'm at a loss. We've had many schnauzers over the last 47+ years of marriage but nothing like this behavior.

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Feb 23, 2017
by: Linda and Max

You have got yourself an adolescent Svhnauzer with attitude! This is the Terrible Teens when some dogs really push the boundaries with unacceptable behaviour.
You need to go back to basics with training to establish the household pecking order.
Train him in simple commands for a few minutes several times a day.
If he persists with the feet thing, remove yourself or him from the rom Every time it happens. Don't give him a treat for stopping or he will persist. He needs to learn when he does this, he is left on his own.
Good luck.

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