Paws the Schnoodle to the Rescue.....

by Dakoda
(Winston-Salem, United States)

Paws, my female schnoodle is looking for a mate - maybe Max would be interested? if not please look for a mate for her, please!

You ask for any stories, well, here's one about Paws:

My schnoodle Paws is pretty protective so one day when my dad was out on a paddle boat in our pond, he was trimming a limb off a tree.
He couldn't reach it without having to stand up, so he stood up and after the first five minutes he slipped and fell into the water!

Luckily it was shallow enough that he could stand and then Paws came swimming up to save him (although she couldn't really save him in this situation) but it was a brave thing she tried to do all the same!


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Jun 08, 2012
Well done to Paws!
by: Emily

Well done to Paws, she might not have saved your Dad's life, but she certainly tried and it is the thought that counts!
I've got a Schnoodle and they just love people. I expect that Paws was really upset and also at the thought of your Dad not being around any more.
Anyway, glad he is, thanks to Paws!

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