Panting Giant Schnauzer

by Lisa
(Naperville, Illinois, USA)

We just added a 2-year-old female Giant Schnauzer into our home in December. Prior, she was living with her breeder/handler in his kennel.

She's been panting since we got first we thought it was nerves...because she also never lays down.

Then we thought it might be a hormone imbalance, but we got her fixed over a month ago... so we're at a loss.

I finally took a huge mixing bowl and keep it full of fresh water and sometimes ice cubes. We keep our house cool and she stays on hardwood floors that are all over the main level...

Does anyone else have the same problem with a Giant Schnauzer?

I need's all I hear...even when she's not around!!! - and I don't want her to be uncomfortable if something is wrong...


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Apr 22, 2009
Panting Giant Schnauzer
by: Linda and Max

Hi Lisa,

Thanks for the update and great news that you have solved the panting.

Who would have thought that it was something as simple as having her clipped regularly?

Anyway, it's good news that the only cure needed was a haircut!

Apr 13, 2009
panting solved!
by: Lisa

So as a follow up...

We took her and got her shaved down and the panting stopped!

Her coat was not super long by any means, but her undercoat is so dense, that it was causing her to get overheated.

Plus, the first two years, she lived in an outdoor kennel that was heated, but kept really low because horses were also there, so she's not used to the 68-69 degrees we keep our house at all.

Moral of the story, we have to shave her down every 4 weeks...

Thanks for the help and I look forward to learning more!

Apr 13, 2009
Giant Schnauzer panting
by: Julie

Hi, I am not an expert and don't know why your Giant Schnauzer is panting, but from what I've been reading about dogs, this is not normal. If I were you I'd get your Giant Schnauzer to the vet as soon as you can. Its best to have them checked out - for peace of mind if nothing else.

From what I've read, it could even be caused by a worm infection or something called blastomycosis, which is rare but it is caused by the dog breathing in a fungus which affects the lungs.
I know that vets are not cheap but it will be worth it in the long run.

Good luck, I hope it is nothing serious.

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