our Schnoodle won't stop digging - what can we do?

by rachel

We have a female schnoodle that came from a rescue shelter.
She has a very sweet personality but she is obsessed with digging. We have a large fenced yard for her to play in but all she does is dig. Our yard is filled with holes..We also have another small doxie mixed so she is not alone and she stays in the house most of the time but anytime she is out she is digging.
We are at a loss as what to do.
Any suggestions in helping this to stop is appreciated.
thank you.

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Apr 29, 2013
is there something under the earth?
by: Betsy, Alpharetta, GA

We have a neighbor who had moles in the yard
The moles would borrow into the ground and the neighbor's dog used to dig to try and uncover the moles.
When steps were taken to rid the lawn of the moles the digging stopped..

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Apr 29, 2013
by: Michele

I wouldn't worry too much. BENJI digs too,
You could buy her a large solid Childs
paddling pool. I have two as from Argos they
sell the two together one I fill with Play Sand
and the other with water. Your Schnoodle
can then be encouraged to dig in the play sand
Providing you put some of her toys in it as
I do. As she was a rescue her digging may
be because she did it in kennels wanting to
get out.. Remember the film Lassie Come
Home.. Hope this helps..

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