Our "Sadie" Is FINALLY Home...

by Elizabeth
(Jacksonville, Tx.)

Hi To All Here,
Max and my "new" cyber friends, what a sweet Miniature Schnauzer we have in our lives! We brought her home on March 17 and she has continued to bring more and more happiness into our lives each day.
She is exactly as I had pictured her in my mind for so many sleepless nights, somewhat. Believe it or not (and not that it even matters), "Sadie" is actually a Black/Silver Schnauzer, not "Parti-colored" whatsoever (Black spots w/t white). I was definately surprised!
I never dreamed that I would own a Black/Silver...she is gorgeous and weighs 14.75 lbs. We carried her in for her vaccinations on March 18 as she was due and picked up her Heartguard, wormer, etc. and then it was off to PetSmart for her grooming.
Although the breeder that we got her from is a wonderful friend of ours, he does not groom his dogs in the cold months, he allows their coats to grow and then grooms when warmer weather aproaches.
Ok, no problem except she did have a few mats, as to be expected. The groomers had to shave her down somewhat (but not completely, thank goodness) and her beard was lost. I believe the beard should grow back relatively soon. Her brows were left intact though. Either way she is so pretty.
BTW, anyone know how soon it takes for a beard to grow back, not exceptionally long but standard length? Anyway, she is healthy and turned 4 yrs. old this year. She's a hoot! Very vocal and quite a talker. She carries her "babies" (stuffed toys) into our son's room and keeps them on his carpet...she's already becoming protective of us and follows me everywhere but I don't mind. I suppose "everything in God's time" applies here. I (we) wanted so much for another Schnauzer but things kept working against us...until "Sadie". I believe that God already knew that she was coming.
Being only human, I wanted a companion NOW. Things happen exactly when and how they are supposed to in life.
"Sadie" already has 10 various toys, 3 collars, 2 leashes, 2 beds, shampoos, a brush of cource, treats and all the love a dog could ever hope for. I also keep a blanket on her bed for "added warmth" of course.
We're having her spayed on May 4th. I was not feeling well on Saturday and she spent most of that time lying on the bed with me, right at my side, just as my "Skippy" would do in times before.
It was nice to have that feeling of "I'm here and I'll never leave your side" that I have missed for so long. I thank God for "Sadie". I seem to smile more these days anyway.
God bless you all and Max...

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Dec 15, 2011
wonderful story
by: Anonymous

What a lovely story, I hope it all works out for you and Sadie.

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