by Joan
(Rhode Island)

This goes back about 30 years ago with our 2nd mini. We're now on our 4th...each the best of the best.
We had two love seats, one faced the TV, the other perpendicular. My husband sat on the former, I sat on the latter. One night my husband was coming home late from work. After taking our dog out, I sat down on the loveseat facing the TV, something I had not done before. Shortly thereafter, my husband came home and sat on the other...seemingly no big deal. WRONG!
Barking and barking, I tried giving Gabby a treat, next his favorite toy, then taking him out again. When nothing sufficed, I asked my husband to switch seats. YUP! That was it. He was finally happy and content. Needless to say, we never switched seats again.

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Nov 25, 2021
mowing the lawn
by: Linda

Haha! That's funny. Yes, Schnauzers love their routine!

Nov 15, 2021
So true
by: Anonymous

It’s obviously a Schnauzer trait.
My wife is a very keen gardener and always mowed our lawn, using a motor mower. One time she was away visiting family so I got the mower out to cut the grass. Well, to say Larry, our schnauzer, wasn’t happy would be an understatement. He barked, growled and jumped around like a little dervish. Dad wasn’t supposed to touch the mower and cut grass, it’s what Mum did!

Oct 06, 2019
Brilliant story
by: Linda

Hi Joan,
That made us laugh!! Great story and so Schnauzer-ish!
They love their pack to be together......and everybody in the right place!
you wouldn't swap them for the world.

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