Oliver, almost 1 year old has stared behaving weird

by Engela snyman
(South Africa )

Hi my puppy Oliver Standard Shnauzer almost 1 year old very observing very alert to clever for his size and very very spoiled.he got out of the courtyard last Sunday i think there is a female on heat in the neighbourhood. When he got out another dog about the same size as Oliver but a full grown male Chow gave him a go on the neck no open wounds but he definitely hurt a muscle in his neck. But since he got and go the smell of the female he lost his appetite. He will only eat nice snacks and eats and only if he feels like it. Is it normal behaviour....its like he feel very sorry for himself.

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Apr 27, 2018
by: Linda

Hi there, it sounds like Oliver is lovesick! I presume he is entire (still has his testicles) and he can probably still smell the bitch on heat if she is nearby and is pining for what he is missing!
The other reason he may be lethargic is if the other dog injured him. Check him out completely again and if the skin isn't broken, it's unlikely that he has a serious injury from the other dog.
Heat in females usually lasts around 21 days, with the 6-7 days in the middle being her most fertile. Hopefully Oliver will settle down when her heat passes.
Try taking him away from the area for a few walks and see if he is his lively self away from the scent of the female.
If you think about having him neutered, around 18 months is a good age as he will have done most of his growing by then.
By the way, he is extremely handsome and alert.
PS If he still is not eating properly in another week, I would have him checked out by a vet.
Good luck.

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