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My daughter met a person who was selling schnazer puppies in a parking lot at a Walmart.
I found out this person was someone I knew. They called me as the runt was not doing good and knew I had raised chihuahuas. Both lived well beyond 16yrs.
Now the runt was so covered with fleas. I was sure of tapeworms. Emmy was 3mos old weighed 3/4s of pound. They wouldn't let me take the dog and get her seen by a vet. Nor would they take a thousand dollar deposit till I could get her well and they could sale her. I already had a reg chorkie 2yrs old. Emmy had a temp of 88 dergree. Way too cold.
Her litter mates were 3-4lbs. This person had multiple breeds but claimed to know all about them all. Emmy is a very small miniature schnauzer. Silver and grey, absoutly beautiful. I looked on the internet regarding the breed. Found: #1. can get fat easily,
#2 they often have luxated knees in the breed. I paid 450 to save her.
They were not going to take her to the vet and said she'd just die if I didn't take her. They were bathing the dogs every day & taking them out. This was in late Nov, very cold lots of bone chilling winds. She and my other dog got along ok till Emmy weighed 1/lb more But was taller than the other dog. I also had paid and rescued a registered Yorkie. All 3 are.
The first thing the vet told me was: "You" know you can't from breed her", she had the lux knees. She just turned 1 yr old 23rd Sept. Last nite she seizured our new yorkie and she plays well. Katrina barked warning we didn't know why she was barking so much, then emmy we saw her seizing. Tonite she attacked the 3yr old and tore her eyelid off. was bad! I work with them constantly reg agressive barking & agressive behavior. With rewards and special words. Now how to control their behavior when we are gone? Callie wants to be alpha so does emmy! Emmy is also agressive with katrina.
I realise now where I got emmy was a puppy mill w/o proper breedings & vet care. All 3 are allergic to flea bites and I use Comfortis & Front Line spray for ticks. All 3 sit, lay, beg shake and are leash trained. all are loving and paper trained. They are 3 smart beautiful dogs and all are great with small children.
They are really house dogs & we all love Emmy like our babies. I don't really want to get rid of Emmy. Even spayed they will fight. We have no plans to breed, we just want peace with the girls and anomymously shut down the mill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How is this done? Our groomer fells the same and has seen many sad tales and bad endings coming from there!!
Please help me

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Sep 19, 2010
Puppy Mill
by: Anonymous

Call your local animal shelter and/or your Congressman. Also notify your local newspaper to do a story. That usually gets attention.

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