Oh, no, is it time for my bath?

by Toni
(Waverly NY)

Gypsy is very good about a bath, but she does not particularly like the bath, and will not volunteer. When I get the tub ready and say, "Gypsy, bath time!"....she runs and hides behind the coffee table. When I bathe her, if I have to leave the bathroom to get something she will stay right still in the pan and not try to jump out. She rarely tries to shake the water off until I have towel dried her, and then she goes ballistic through the house.
She loves her walk! During her walk she is Queen. If we come upon a huge dog (like a Rottweiler) she goes into full "attack mode bark" and appears to be vicious, until she gets close. She then "bumps noses, sniffs, and walks away, as if to say, "there, I told him!"
Gypsy is the typical Mini Schnauzer. If she wants to play, you play. If she does not want to play, fageddabowdit, cause it ain't happenin'. Same with time on the lap. If she wants "up" she will climb into my lap, but if she isn't interested, she has her own unique way of snubbing me and finding her own spot.
To make her comfortable I bought a doggie bed, and she slept in it for months until one day she decided the sofa was more to her liking. The doggie bed now collects dust in the closet!

Hi Toni,
Gypsy sounds like a fantastic dog - can you upload a picture of her? There wasn't one with your email!

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Mar 19, 2013
Gypsy .. your
by: Michele

She sounds just like my Benji.. he's 11 months.. he too will go nuts at playtime, and when he's had enough he gets on the sofa and takes a rest... he demolishes tennis balls, firstly by taking all the fluff off then making holes in them... I have posted a photo of it on here.. also lots of other photos of my boys.. Benji takes his teddies and toys out in my garden but tends to leave then out.. His favourite toys are plastic bottles, as he likes to hear them make a noise, when he picks them up... Please upload a photo of Gypsy, as Linda & Max say.. we'd love to see her..

Mar 19, 2013
by: Ann G

Your Gypsy sounds like a little ball of fire! Schnauzers are the BEST dog breed ecer, aren't they?

As Linda and Max requested, PLEASE upload a picture of your little girl; would love to see her!

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