Odin - God of War and Siamese tormentor

by Family Manwaring
(Enfield )

Our special boy passed yesterday and took with him a part of our hearts. He was naughty and loved to investigate the bin and the household shopping regularly but he also loved to walk in the fields and chase his ball. At the beach he wasn’t a great fan of the sea but liked to paddle and help find seashells but his best pastime was to seek out bacon sandwiches from the beach hut owners. At home , he would chase and be chased by our Siamese . They sounded like elephants at times running up and down the hallway. In the Spring time , he would be a master at planting and re planting the bulbs. I will miss those muddy paws in the kitchen afterwards. He have us over 10.5 years of joy , surviving a house fire and having to move to a new home. Every toy he was given was played with. Some may not have lasted the test of time but each one you cherished as we cherished and loved him.

We could not see him suffer anymore and sending him on his way was an act of kindness. I know he knew he was loved as his love was always unconditional. We will never forget him and thank all the veterinarians who cared for him to the end .

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Feb 19, 2023
by: Izzy

So sorry for your loss but sounds like the right decision. Sounds like had a fun life. Mine don't do water at all walking round puddles! Happy memories for you x

Feb 19, 2023
so sad
by: Linda

Dear Manwaring family,
What a full and happy life Odin had! And what a beauty he was, thank you for sharing the photo.

He sounds like he absolutely lived life to the full - every Schnauzer's dream. you were lucky to have him and he was very lucky to have such a wonderful home.

Max was just the same with the beach -the waves were a bit too much, but a paddle was fine!

Our thoughts are with you at this difficult time. And you did the right thing.

Kindest regards,

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