Obsessive behavior

by Courtney
(Tennessee )

I recently got a miniature schnauzer, he is about 16 months old. I already have 2 Maltese one 12 years and one about 15 months old. My schnauzer sees to be obsessed with the young Maltese (all males). He won’t leave him alone constantly sniffing, licking, and trying to play with him, he isn’t really aggressive but very annoying to the smaller Maltese. What can I do to correct this behavior it is getting out of hand.(I’ve only had the schnauzer for about a month and I’ve had the other two since they were little) any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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Jan 08, 2020
more info
by: Linda

Can you give a bit more information? Is the behaviour sexual towards the young Maltese?
At 15 or 16 months old, these dogs are "teenagers" and it is the time when they push the boundaries. They are also curious. What is your Schnauzer's background, was he on his own before this?
He may be genuinely fascinated with a new playmate, or he might be trying to establish dominance.
If it is not aggressive, this is very good. It could also be something that he grows out of once he gets used to the Maltese and also, when his hormones are not so strong, i.e. when he settles down at about two years of age.
It doesn't sound serious, but not easy to live with. Can you separate the dogs for periods? Also try and get them outdoors more so they can play outdoors and hopefully be calmer back home?

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