Wonderful New Home Offered for Rescue Schnauzer(s)

Max has just received this wonderful letter from Mike Benfield Drew in Wiltshire, England

What a perfect home he is offering one or two lucky miniature schnauzers.

If you know of a mini schnauzer (or two) in need of rescuing in the UK, please contact Mike directly.

Here's his letter to Max:

" We are interested in rescuing a miniature schnauzer, maybe two if they need homes together.

We have had schnauzers before (2), and having returned to the UK from a period abroad we are now in a position to offer a needy dog or bitch a good and loving home.

We are both retired, but very fit and active. We have a secure garden and live in rural Wiltshire and are surrounded by good dog walking country for what I have always done twice daily for about an hour, plus the 15-minute last walk before bed.

The dog would seldom be left alone, and then only for about an hour or so for the weekly pilgrimage to a grocery store. For holidays we caravan and the dog would always come with us.

We would welcome a "home check" if required, and are able to travel a reasonable distance to see, and collect a dog if we and the dog seem to be compatable.

I look forward to hearing some positive news from you in the not-too-distant future, however, if you can't help, perhaps you can put us in touch with someone who can.

Many thanks, Mike Benfield- Drew.

Telephone: 01373- 824641."

Let' hope somebody out there in Schnauzerland can help to pair Mike up with a couple of lucky miniature schnauzers ...it sounds like they are going to have a wonderful life down there in Wiltshire.

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