New Life for a White Schnauzer in the Philippines, Far East

by Mimi
(Marikina City, Philippines)

My husband and I adopted a cute white schnauzer early this year. It was given to us by our daughters who are based in Singapore
to ease our pain for the lost of our seven dogs (Shizu, Poodle and Maltese) to a killer flood here in the Philippines.

Two labradors survived the flood but we still missed our small "playdogs". We don't know anything about
Schnauzers because this breed is not common here in this part of the world.

Goldie had a interesting past.. .she was originally owned by senior citizen couple in Singapore. They were forced to give her up when they can't care for Goldie and her mother (salt and pepper ).

Clover, Goldie's mother was left in Singapore and is being cared by my daughters. Goldie is a very obedient dog and easily trained. My husband fell in love with Goldie who now sleeps in our bedroom. She can recognize my husband's car meters away. My husband became a gentle person because of Goldie.

One night I heard my husband uttering "I love you" and I turned to say "I love you too" but found out he was talking to Goldie!!

Last month Goldie was confined to a pet hospital due to over-eating. Now we are more aware that feeding her a lot of treat food is bad for Goldie.


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