My Standard Schnauzer Puppy Moults!!

by joanne

I have a mini schnauzer aged 2 years and recently got a Standard Schnauzer she is now 5 months old! My mini does not moult at all and that is why I chose the breed as myself and my youngest son both have asthma!
My pup moults all the time the back of my car is covered in grey hairs and my kitchen floor also! Life is awkward just now as my son is allergic to her.
Every website I go on, and believe me I researched the breed a lot, says they do not moult is it just the puppy coat will this stop??

Hi Joanne,
You are absolutely correct, schnauzers do not moult.
None of them - Miniatures, Standards or Giants shed hair either as puppies or as adults. When they are in need of a trim, you might find the odd hair or fur ball, but this is uncommon.
It is worrying that your puppy is shedding hair. We can think of only two things:
1. Either your Standard Schnauzer is not a pure pedigree schnauzer and has been crossed with another breed.
2. You puppy has a health issue.
How distressing this must be for you and your son. Obviously you cannot live with a dog that moults when you have pet allergies.
We would strongly recommend that you take action immediately and return the puppy to the breeder you got her from - presuming that you did get her from a breeder?
If not, they return her to wherever she came and hope that they can find a loving home for her.
Schnauzers do not moult, full stop.
Please let us know how you get on and whether she is successfully re-homed.
Best wishes.

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Jun 09, 2012
by: Anonymous

Thanks for your reply! The pup is a pure bred Standard Schnauzer. I met both parents and have all the paperwork and a list of her long family tree! She is active and in good health I feed her Royal Canin for puppies.
A lot of people have told me its just her puppy coat she was born nearly black and is now turning salt and pepper the grey colour when she's a bit older this should stop ! It certinly wasn't what I was expecting. I would appreicate anybody's view on this matter.
Thanks Joanne

Jun 09, 2012
Moulting Schnauzer
by: Michele

Yes Linda and Max are completely right Schnauzers, whether Minis, Standard or Giants DO NOT MOULT ever, not even when puppies as you have to strip the puppy hair out to make the adult coat grow through, otherwise it just grows and grows... You probably have a puppy mixed with a dog that moults.. and this is a problem for your family, especially your son.. take the puppy back and ask for your money back from the breeder, that's if you purchased your puppy from a breeder.
Please let us know the outcome.

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