My Schnauzer runs away

by Lynne
(Indianapolis )

We have an 8-month-old miniature Schnauzer. We have a picket fence that he can fit through. When we let him out he runs through the fence and we have to catch him. I'm worried he's going to run out in our street and get hit by a passing car. How do you train a Schnauzer not to run away? We have have a Golden Retriever that is his buddy. We thought the other dog would help keep him in the yard but it does not.

NOTE FROM LINDA AND MAX: Are you able to fit some chicken wire to the fence as a short-term measure to stop him getting out until you can train him out of it?
We know of some people that have used electronic collars to stop their dogs doing this, but these are controversial. Better to try and train him out of it.

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Feb 19, 2017
when a schnauzer runs way home and gets lost
by: mercedes

my schnauzer is lost

Apr 22, 2014
Charlie .. running away
by: Michele

Hi there.. I'm Benji and I used to also run away, but in the garden.. I'm now 2 years old.. was on the 18th.. when Mummy gives the command " WAIT " I do.. the other day we.. Rebel, Rambo & me took mummy to Studland beach. We were on our Ext. Leads and we wanted to paddle but instead we pulled backwards in our harnesses, which slipped off over our heads.. first Rebel's then mine.. Mummy said loudly " Wait " and took hold of our collars, which we always wear, and our harnesses were re-united with us.. we'd loved to have run along the beach, but Mummy would have been cross. Our Ext leads are 26 feet long… Rebel and me, Benji, are coupled together and it's so much fun.. Rambo also has one of 26 feet, but he goes Solo being nearly 11…
Hope you train Charlie to WAIT by treats, as it's surprising what they'll do for a piece of chicken and also mend the gap in your fence with chicken wire as Linda suggested...

Apr 20, 2014
recognizes & still runs away
by: John

My Charlie is a rescue and seriously bonded to me. (sleeps in my arms, won't leave my side...etc.) However, if he gets out side, he completely ignores ANY commands. He will look & know he needs to stop, but cannot. Unless he sees no way to escape, THEN he will lie down.

He RARELY gets out & is about 7-9 yrs old..with a cataract in one eye and a bit of hip dysplasia and it otherwise normal...

The other two Mini's do not exhibit this behavior. Neither did any of the 9 schnauzers we have had previously.

Oh & I am too old to chase him.

Any suggestions? Thanks in Advance!!


NOTE FROM LINDA AND MAX: Sounds like Charlie thinks he is top dog! A bout of training is what's needed to let him know you are in charge. This should be done with encouragement and treats for good behaviour and for returning when you call him. Good Luck!

Nov 08, 2012
Thank you!
by: Lynne (Indianapolis)

We are looking into putting a temporary chicken wire fence up or making the fence a full fence rather than a picket. Part of the problem is we have rabbits that come in our yard. The dogs (we have a Golden Retriever too) chase the rabbits out and our Schnauzer just keeps going.

I will work on teaching him the command you suggested. Thank you so much for your help.

If he is anything like Max, you won't be able to stop him chasing rabbits inside the yard, but you should be able to train him to stop running away.
Good luck!

Nov 07, 2012
Running away
by: Michele

Linda and Max are right, as I too have a 7
month mini.... BENJI .. Also 2 others Rebel
and Rambo, latter being a Silky. I have put
green garden wire the full length of my gate
as he too would get through, or run out.
Try teaching him that when you use the Command "WAIT" as you raise your arm, he WAITS . I have done this with BENJI as I open my gate and it works, because he gets a treat for doing what I tell him.
Please never go to extremes of an
Electric Collar. Schnauzers are very sensitive
and doing this will most definitely make him
much worse as he'll be frightened and may
Keep running away in fear.
Train him to be Obedient on your commands.

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