My mini schnauzer still has accidents

by Andrea Jacobs
(Boca Raton,Florida)

I have a white mini schnauzer and I walk him quite a bit during the day. Last walk at 10:30 PM.
I get up at 7 AM and when I come down stairs there is usually an accident. He will either have pooped or pead. I take him out and he will usually go again. He is 16 months. What am I doing wrong.

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Jan 10, 2017
Should be able to get through the night
by: Anonymous

Hi there.

I think your dog should absolutely be able to go through the night.

Perhaps he/she should be tested for a UTI. Or a crate will definitely make a difference as they are hard-wired not to mess in their sleep area.

Good luck

Feb 26, 2016
by: Linda and max

I wonder if it is a habit he has got into?
By 16 months he should be able to last the night.
Do you use a crate? You could try crating him at night, with an area inside the crate where he can eliminate.
Or penning him into an area with a newspaper area, but this might encourage him to think it's ok to go inside the house.

Or getting up in the night temporarily.
Sorry can't be more helpful.
I would try getting up for a few nights to let him out

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