My 6 year old poops in the house at night.

by Rick

My 6 year old standard has started pooping in the house at night. We have not changed anything in his routine (same food, same dinner time. etc.). It seems that he cannot hold it anymore.
Even when he sits beside me in a chair he will leave a little "tootsie roll". We adopted him at age three, he was a rescue who had been abused. He seems to have adjusted well. He takes seizure medication two times a day.
Has anyone any suggestions?

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Aug 21, 2012
My Minature Schnazer pooping habits have changed
by: Bobbie

My 6 year old Schnazer has been using pads in a certain area of the house for quite some time, but recently, she has started pooping and urinating on the carpet near the pads. I have showed her the pads and talked with her and she knows she is doing wrong, but seems to still rebel against using the pads.

She recently got some chalky black lumps around her anal area but not directly on the anus. It looks like black tar and it comes off when I put a moisturing lotion on it. Has anyone had a problem like this?

Aug 12, 2012
Poops in house at night
by: Michele

What a shame & hope you are not cross with him as this will make it worse.
If he was abused before, the previous owner could have damaged his back end causing him a weakness. I suggest you speak to you vet.
Good luck.

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