My 3 year old Schnauzer tries to "herd" me when we walk.

Why does my Schnauzer run round in circles as fast as he can????

Hi there,
This is a question we often get asked and the answer is simple........the action you are describing is known as Schnauzer Circles!
Schnauzers - and Schnodles - love to run around and around in circles.
There is nothing wrong with this, it is just a way of them letting off steam when they are excited or happy.
Max does this every time we take him walking on the moors near where we live. He loves the moors and whenever he gets on to the top, he starts running round and round in circles, grabbing grass or heather in his mouth as he goes.
If you look at our Dog's Life page:
you wil see some photos of Max doing it.
If your Schnauzer is the same as Max, he loves it even better if you pretend to chase him!
Next time he does it, post a photo of him on our pictures section:
Schnauzerly wishes,
Linda and Max

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Jun 08, 2012
Schnauzer Circles
by: JJ

Mine does that too!
I think it's funny.

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