My 14 year old mini schnauzer has lost sight, hearing & 3/4 of sniffer

by Suzanne

I have a 14 year old mini schnauzer . He eats pretty good. He knows where his water is. Use wee wee pads pretty good. Looks comfy sleeping. Use a natural powder supplement daily, which seems to keep arthritis at bay. My question is there more I can do for him. I do have him sit with me throught the day. He seems content. I wish he could see. We keep things same for him.
Our schnauzer has been a very loving,loyal dog. He didn't deserve to lose his sight And hearing. But I truly want to give a the best golden years I can for him. Advice is welcomed.

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Jun 18, 2018
Older Minis
by: Anonymous

I'm so sorry. That is a tough time. My first love, a mini named Charlie, was with me for a whopping 18 years. In the end, he had to live with my parents because his sight and hearing loss made him nervous and overreactive to my children (who came along after Charlie did).

My advice would be to be loving, gentle, and spend as much time together as possible. Beware that there may come a time when your dog bites you because it is old, unsure, and possible confused.

Jul 10, 2017
by: Linda and Max

Well done you for looking after your mini for so well and so long...14 is a good age for a mini Schnauzer. Sadly, his body is beginning to fail him. It sounds like you are doing all the right things, but the time is not far off when you will have a difficult decision to make. If he starts losing interest in food, is sick or has diarrhoea, or seems to be in pain or unhappy, then the best thing you can do for him is to let him gently go..please don't prolong his life if he's in pain.
In the meantime, keep doing what you are doing, and enjoy what precious time you have left. If you don't already have a soft bed or one with soft blankets for his old bones, then I would get him one.

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