Music maker houston (TEX)

by marguerite
(elmwood pk nj usa)

Hi! I have a very big name for a little guy but just call me Tex. I am 7mo. and I am a white chocolate toy schnauzer with green eyes.
My vet says I'm a horse of a different color! I am a little devil, I steal clothes and take them outside. My mom found a pair of my sister's pants in the backyard. I also love paper towels - I take them out of the garbage when nobody is looking.
My best friend is MJ, an english bulldog who belongs to my sister, I play with him all day.

I'm from NJ but I was born in Texas. It has been snowing here and I love to play in the snow and eat it.
Well Max too bad you live so far away MJ and I would love to play with you. I talk to you again soon. See ya! TEX! PS my mom does not know how to download pics she will ask my sister!

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Jun 28, 2010
Greetings from Across The Pond
by: Max

Hi Tex,
Yes, too bad you live so far away, you sound like a friendly chap - but Texas is a bit far fro0m Yorkshire in England to come over for a play.
I'm really pleased to hear that your best friend is MJ - an English Bulldog!
Schnauzerly Greetings from across The Pond,

Feb 18, 2010
sounds so cute
by: Bella

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