Murphy's quiet growling - why?

by Samantha and Murphy
(Colchester, Essex, UK)

I just wanted to say thank you for uploading Murphy's photo! It looks great.

I also wanted to say what a great site you have. Murphy is my first dog and my family has never had Schnauzers before. He is wonderful and brightens up everyday.

I have Asthma and he is the perfect dog for my pet hair allergies.

Murphy only has one problem - he is always barking or growling under his breath at people (not those with dogs) whilst out on his walk. Have you ever experienced this?

He has always done it and despite my best efforts I cannot seem to stop it from happening. I find it embarassing and I would hate for anyone to be scared by him. Do you have any tips or advice for me please?

As you know...there is nothing like a Schnauzer.

I only wish I had bought 2!!! There is still time...maybe a little girl next!

Lots of love to Max and his family

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Sep 06, 2010
by: bella

I would stand in front of him. and say quit then give him a treat. for being quite! try this a few times!

Also check out my page

Sep 01, 2010
Quiet growling
by: Lori

My Schnauzer Rockie also does this and he also likes to talk. I think it's becuase they simply want their attention...What I do is give him a squeaky toy to carry when I take him for walks. This has seemed to work very well!

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