by Melody
(South Africa)

Hello Linda and Max

My schnauzer pup will be a year old in few weeks.
He is spoiled. Go everywhere with us and basically gets treated like a baby. He is everyday with me at work and even sleeps on the bed with us.
Two nights ago I went to bed earlier than my partner. My schnauzer came up to the room with him and Paul went to shower. I was asleep at the time, but was awakened by my schnauzer pup that was peeing on my partner side of the bed. Lifting his leg on the bed and against the pillows.
Please could you explain this behavior to me.
I was shocked, because this is not the way he is.
Thank you

Schnauzers get very attached to people, yours is jealous of your partner. Because he is a bit spoilt, he thinks he is top dog - you have to show him - gently - that his place in the house is below you and Paul. I would start by making sure you and Paul have some time without the dog and try to retrain him to sleep in a bed of his own on the floor in the bedroom -you need to deal with this promptly.

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